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Attendees from various backgrounds shared their insights from the 2017 BioLogos conference!
"Being with other people who get it and being able to celebrate the majesty of creation in a more complete way with a group of like-minded followers of Jesus may have been the best thing about the conference for me. At times it was almost overwhelming. Thank you!"

"I really didn't know what to expect, but it has been really world-changing. It's really changed my perspective on ministry itself, especially for families. The church hasn't really been a great place to ask these hard questions. So as a minister for kids, now I have the resources to help create a space in ministry for those kids, to have their questions heard and processed, so I'm really excited."

Youth Pastor
"There's a lot of questions even in small congregations like mine around how we integrate what we're learning from the scientific community with what we see coming to us from Scripture. BioLogos is doing a great job of giving the intellectual tools needed to help to have those conversations. For someone like me, a pastor with no formal scientific training, that's just so helpful to be able to bring to my people and have those conversations."

"The whole conference was top-notch, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the awestruck, worshipful atmosphere through the whole event, with the blend of praise, scientific explanation, and theological exploration."